Overhaul Program

In the MacBone Overhaul Program, a MacBone unit enters in the condition seen at left and leaves completely overhauled as shown on the right. Contact us today to participate in this program.

macbone unit - before overhaul

Before - click image to enlarge

macbone unit after overhaul

After - click image to enlarge

Program Features:

  • One-year warranty applies to all overhauled units.
  • 63 parts are replaced on all overhauled units.
  • Any faulty parts not typically covered under the Overhaul Program will be replaced at no additional cost.
  • A MacBone overhauled unit is approximately half the cost of a new unit.
  • A MacBone overhaul can typically be completed within two days plus transit time.

There are several ways a MacBone unit may be processed:

  • Purchase a new MacBone unit that comes with a 2-year warranty. Customer pays for shipping. Units are shipped from stock.
  • A unit goes through the "Overhaul Program "as described above. Customer pays for shipping to MacBone, and MacBone pays for shipping back to customer.
  • Time plus Materials. The customer will be contacted with a cost to determine whether to proceed with repairs or convert to the "Overhaul Program". Customer pays for shipping both ways.
  • A unit under warranty is sent back to MacBone. MacBone covers all parts needing repair. MacBone pays for shipping both ways.
  • A unit going through the "Overhaul Program", Warranty or Time and Materials will be turned around in two production days plus transit time.