The MacBone Product Line

The MacBone product line includes two air conditioner types, a rooftop model, and a vertical model for installation on a cab sidewall, as well as an auxiliary air filter to prefilter outside air before it is brought into the cab, and a cab pressurizer, which forces filtered air into the cab, maintaining a positive pressure to keep contaminants out. The rooftop and vertical MacBone air conditioning units are identical except for how they are mounted. See rooftop units or vertical units for details. The air filter and filter/pressurizer are accessory products designed to operate in conjunction with any MacBone air conditioner.

Although accessory air filters and pressurizers are available as separate accessories for fine filtration and higher pressurization, all MacBone units, operating without these accessories, provide cooling, heating, basic filtered air, cab pressurization, ventilation, and dehumidification through the process of moisture removal with reheat. System capacity is 24,000 BTU's/Hr. cooling and 30,000 BTU's/Hr. heating, under standard rating conditions.